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Mold Inspections

Mold Inspections include the search for mold growth, current water leaks or intrusion, evidence of prior incidents and potential future issues. We begin by performing a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the structure including the readily accessible attic. Then, using the latest infrared technology to record moisture readings on walls, cabinets, surfaces around all lavatories, showers, appliances, and any other suspect areas. After testing the air quality, a written report and assessment is completed and provided to the customer.


Our Preliminary Mold Assessment report contains enough information for a competent remediation contractor to follow in the remediation process. We also offer extended and more detailed remediation protocol plans for complicated or large remediation projects. Louisiana State Law requires that only State licensed mold remediation contractors can perform mold remediation on areas in excess of 20 sq. ft.

Mold Testing

IAQ Indoor testing is an important part of determining how healthy your surroundings are. We spend over 90% of our lives indoors, the health and quality of the air we breathe must be of utmost importance. The majority of indoor pollutants are invisible to the naked eye and do not necessarily produce a noticeable odorGood indoor air quality should also not be confused with cleanliness or hygiene. A visibly clean home or office can have a number of air quality issues that are difficult to rectify if they are not identified properly.

We use OSHA, NIOSHA, and EPA testing procedures to investigate indoor air quality complaints or give you a profile of your air. Hundreds of compounds can be tested for including gases, chemicals, dust, and biological samples. We take special care in instruments calibration and sample handling to produce accurate and reliable results. Our results are compared with controlled samples to ensure accurate data. We offer services for both residential and business customers.

Mold Remediation

A mold assessment (with or without mold sampling) report should not be confused with a Mold Remediation Protocol. The assessment report can be a standalone document and will satisfy the needs of many customers that undergo an assessment. However, the assessment report typically acts as the starting point for the more comprehensive Mold Remediation Protocol document.

The Mold Remediation Protocol is a state-mandated document prepared by a licensed Mold Assessment Consultant (MAC). It’s required when the customer has chosen to use a State licensed Mold Remediation Contractor (MRC). It specifies the estimated quantities and locations of materials to be remediated, the remediation methods, and the clearance criteria for each remediation project. Each individual mold remediation project should have a customized protocol. Any hidden mold found after the initial scope of remediation in the Protocol should be placed in an Addendum to the Protocol and should specify what additional building materials should be removed (under containment). After the remediation is completed and a detail cleaning with 24-48 hour of undisturbed air scrubbing occurs, a post-remediation inspection with air testing will be performed to ensure that no visible mold is present and that all clearance criteria has been met.

Mold Clearance

Mold Clearance is the process of finding any other mold problems in areas that have undergone remediation or testing. The goal of mold clearance is to visually assess any areas that mold was present to ensure no other mold is growing. Mold Clearance is by no means a guarantee that mold will be completely absent. Rather, it is a way to determine if further remediation will be needed. For mold to be cleared, the air quality samples of designated areas must be equal to or less than the air quality outdoors. Clearance is usually conducted after the mold remediation and clean up processes are completed.

Mold Consulting

Mold and water damage is combatted more than most homeowners think. There have been an estimated 300,000 lawsuits filed in the United States related to toxic mold. iMold Consultants offers mold consulting for homeowners, building owners, and property management firms. We have highly trained professionals ready to address all of our clients IAQ issues. We work with a variety of remediation contractors that we recommend for our clients. Not only do we recommend the highest quality contractors in the area, but we will also oversee the remediation and testing process upon approval.

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